Quality Policy

  • The culture of continuous improvement allows you to analyze and implement a focus on value added activities by understanding the expectations of trainees and clients, and define the human resources, physical and technological most appropriate to your satisfaction and to achieve the objectives of the System Quality Management.

    Was defined the following Quality Policy:

    Contribute to the qualification and certification in the field of automobile repair and maintenance, providing the acquisition, improvement and shape recognition skills to enhance the employability of human resources and meet the needs of companies in a continuous improvement context.

The policy is based on the following principles:

    • Take the qualification and skill certification, as the operational focus of activity CEPRA;
    • Provide training and certification services skills, oriented to meet the needs of acquisition, development and recognition of skills of customers;
    • Manage suppliers and impact on quality of service, monitoring and evaluating their supplies;
    • Ensure continuous improvement of services and the implementation of its activities through a Quality Management System.